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IVCOD (Instituut Voor Compleet Overbodig Drukwerk)


The IVCOD organization was founded by M & W. It is a collaboration of ateMhes and pieterWpostma, and started with the magazine IVCOD, which was sold at the newscentre Atheneum, Amsterdam and by CC (controled circulation). The first edition was in 1999 the last, issue 10, in 2003.

The name is short for: Insitute For Complete Superfluous Print, in Dutch: Instituut Voor Compleet Overbodig Drukwerk. Artists make many sketches and little drawings that end up nowhere; so we thought it would be a good idea to create a new magazine for this, to show the world the importance and beaty of things normally never to see daylight.

Nowadays IVCOD is a communication and planning institute for print, thought&ideas, visuals, sound and 3D projects and comment; lots of comment and reactions on the daily life on this planet.
The institute developed in response to the need to publicize the directors ' body of ideas'.
IVCOD unites politics, art and life philosophy from M and W's point of view.

The communication is three fold:
1. through the irregularly published magazine IVCOD. (last issue in 2003)
2. via the internet, a cc mailing list and web site.
3. occasionally presentations on art events.
4. an intens postal mail going vice versa (from M and W) consisting of short small artwork about their daily life.

The company has many divisions. These were created because there was not enough room for their separate ideas within some other division and mainly because we thought there would be a lot of correspondence to expected in the future.

IVCOD divisions:
G.I. : ............(Goede Idee├źn) Great Ideas.
Z.K.H.O. : .....(Zo Kan Het Ook) Another Approach.
L.I.E. : ..........(Lol Is Eenvoudig) Fun Is So Easy.
E.Z. : ............(Eenvoudige Zaken) Simple Things.
AESOW. : ......(Anti-Egoistische Orde v.d. (nieuwe) Wereld) Anti Egotistic Society Of the (new) World.
Rot Art : ........(Rotonde Kunst) Roundabout Art.
OFF. : ...........(Kantoren) Offices.
P.Z. : ............(Personeels Zaken) Personnel.



HEAD-OFFICE in eastern habour area of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

One of many offices of IVCOD. We dont have any mindset for the ideal working space. We love the all; almost all that is.











AllesisalgIVCOD Allesisalgedaan (2005)

The artwork (every thing has already been done before) was created for A.P.I. (Art Pie International) a biannual art show in Amsterdam. The text was on wheels and was towed over the terrain throughout the whole exhibition period.

The work is meant to be a comment on all creative's who copy. IVCOD slogan behind it was: "but not yet by us", allowing ourselves to use anything. the world is everybody's so is every idea, there should be no limitations to anybody but always mention your source and find ways to implement a great former idea or work. On the show there was just one person, a juvenile playing football on the field, who completely understood. He jelled at us "but not by me!!!!!"
A video of the show is at:



The Shell MODERN

A Great Idea was to convert the head office of Shell in Amsterdam to the "Shell Modern". It's located on the northern banks of the IJ. and soon abandoned by Shell.
As IVCOD we believe the the 'Stedelijk Museum' of Amsterdam doesn't play a major role in modern art anymore. It would be more apropriate to start of with something new in the zero years, our new century.













An Example for our explanation of world issues is the McDrop with is M.O.A.B. (Mother Of All Burgers)

The M.O.A.B. is specialy for countries which are not yet under the capitalistic influence of the mutinational Mac. With an M52 burgerbomber this is done with great ease and save distance. Firts operated in Irak, the second gulf war.

M finds their burgers tasty.






A great square we had in the capital of Holland. Unfortunately they fucked it up.

The expansion of the van Gogh is even more ugly as you have ever seen. If paintings can't stand daylight, why not put the museum's expansion's underground completely. We dont want to give away any square meter. The only thing allowed is expansion by the open field and gras itself.

The art work suggested by John Curmerling is welcome though.



RotArtRot. Art.

The IVCOD institute has the most strong oppinion the the land enclosed by a roundabout should be given to an art foundation. Every RA (RoundAbout) should contain art. We want to start of in Holland and then do the whole world.

Shown here is M's "The grass is always greener far far away".







rot patriotRot. Art.

Being an art institute itself we made a suggestion to the city of Utrecht for an art work in their provence. It put to the mayor some weeks after the 911 afair, we thought is would be a nice combination of design / art / and safety. Three mosquito's in one strike! Forn reasons unknow to us it was archived in the bin.







Support your local artist and art in general: "KOOPKUNST"








Persons in need of help are at the right adres with the new available "help" from IVCOD. One color, one size, one HELP. Its a limited edition though.








A suggestion to the discussion of the amount of people in Holland.